I had such a wonderful visit with Miss Jhumpa Jones the other day! She has a great big dog bed that she loves to nap on. It was 10 years ago this month that she was rescued from Michael Vick’s dog fighting ring. But that is all a distant memory for her now… She has come so far and has been so incredibly loved by her mom, my good friend, Kathleen.

Jhumpa was very fearful when Kathleen first brought her home, but slowly over time she began to trust again. Kathleen’s other dogs all helped teach her it was OK to trust and that life can be fun and safe. Her biggest influence was Pig – a very special pit bull with an amazing power to heal.

She has the funniest, most expressive “antennae ears” I have ever seen, which always point up. She loves string cheese and playing with her canine brothers, “Beans,” “Batty” and “Phinney.” She is starting to slow down, however, and sometimes a nap in the sun is all she needs to have a good day.

While very modest, she is quite the little superstar. She’s been featured in two books, The Lost Dogs by Jim Gorant and Pit Bulls and Pit Bull Type Dogs by Melissa McDaniels, a guest star on Anderson Cooper 360 and has a poster painted of her by artist Christine J Head. But to us she is just our little Jhumpa! She is nicknamed “The little engine that could” because she has triumphed over so much adversity.

Please visit Jhumpa’s Facebook page today and follow her journey!