As owners, we often get used to our dogs jumping on us, but jumping is a nuisance and at worst, can be harmful, especially to children and the elderly.

Below are some tips for training dogs not to jump based on an article from the Animal Welfare League of Arlington:

Don’t reward your dog for jumping: Petting your dog or having strangers pet your dog when he jumps reinforces the behavior and should be avoided.

Do not say off or down: The dog has already jumped on you. Behavior which could have been prevented has been rehearsed and strengthened. Also you are giving your dog attention for jumping. For some dogs, yelling and attempting to reprimand the behavior equals attention and will only serve to reinforce the behavior.

Do not punish: Jumping is a submissive appeasement gesture. Punishing the dog may only make your dog more eager to appease and jump even more.

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