Ode to Magritte(11 x 14)


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Artist Sarah Marie Hubel created this incredible ” Ode to Magritte ” portrait using graphite and charcoal.

The caption translates to “this is not a dog” … Magritte had a famous painting called “this is not a pipe” and it was word play at a time in the art world when different types of art were very controversial… for example…was it a pipe? Or just a painting of a pipe?

This is a play on the way people perceive Pit Bull type dogs.. some people don’t even call them dogs at all… they are only pit bulls even though we know that is not just one breed, or even a breed at all etc..

Print is Unmatted and Unframed.
Copyrights remain with the artist.

The prints are shipped FLAT and well protected from bending and moisture.

I absolutely love this print! I first saw it at an art auction to benefit the Mohawk Hudson Humane Society.