Dog Tuxedo with Tails



Dog Tuxedo includes Bow Tie Collar and Hat (3 Piece Set)

Our All Time Favorite ” High End” Dog Tuxedo is one of the Best Tuxedos on the Market!

Well Tailored and Fully Lined, It features Formal Tails, Removable Bow Tie Collar, and Satin Cloth Top Hat. Smaller sizes have a reinforced D-Ring, larger sizes have a button hole for a leash to pass through.

The Collar also has a Removable Bow Tie for easy washing or wearing by itself. Tuxedo set is hand wash – line dry.

**Ships directly from the manufacturer. Please allow 7 – 10 days for delivery.**

Important Sizing Note:
The following measurements are the dimensions of the actual product, not of the pet they fit. After measuring your pet,
make sure all measurements fit within the following
dimensions (with a little room to spare in the chest and neck).


Chest: 13″-16″ (Most Important)

Neck: 10″-13″

Pets Weighing: 6lbs.-10lbs.


Chest: 16″-19″ (Most Important)

Neck: 13″-16″

Pets Weighing: 11lbs.-16lbs.


Chest: 19″-21″ (Most Important)

Neck: 16″-19″

Pets Weighing: 16lbs.-33lbs.


Chest: 21″-26″ (Most Important)

Neck: 19″-23″

Pets Weighing: 33lbs.-45lbs.


Chest: 26″-31″ (Most Important)

Neck: 23″-26″

Pets Weighing: 45lbs.-70lbs.


Chest: 31″-36″ (Most Important)

Neck: 26″-31″

Pets Weighing: 70lbs.-90lbs.


Small, Medium, Large, XL, 2XL, 3XL