2017 Pickles & Friends Fundraiser Calendar


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Meet PICKLES! Pickles is the Pit Bull Super Model who loves BACON!

Pickles is by far one of the friendliest and most adorable Pit Bulls there are – and her owner, Annie, works EXTREMELY hard to help educate people about Pit Bulls and help other Pit Bull dogs. Annie created a no-cost Pit Bull spay/neuter program in Northern California called “No Puppies for Hussies”. 100% of the proceeds of this delightful calendar will be donated to that program!

This calendar is a WIN-WIN! Each month you get to smile when you look at the insanely cute pictures of Pickles – AND – funds are raised to keep the Pit Bull spay/neuter program going!

Learn more about Pickles on her website picklesco.com

And LIKE her on Facebook!