Tomorrow is Mother’s Day and although I do not have any children, I do have three dogs and a cat and I consider all of them part of my family. I love them as if they were my babies! Doyle, Bruno, PoPo and Bridget.

Pet parents do a lot of the same things that human parents do: We take our dogs to “school” and to “daycare” and take them to the doctor or the hospital when they get sick. Many of us cook for our pets if they have special dietary needs or health issues.  We buy them toys and let’s face it, we are always cleaning up after them! We celebrate birthdays, holidays and anniversary “gotcha” days with our pets just as we do with our family.

In return, our pets are our faithful and loving friends. No one is happier for us to come home than our dogs. They make us laugh and can cheer us up when no one else can. They keep us company in the car making mundane errands more pleasurable, as well as on the couch so we never watch TV alone.

Some pets can inspire people to do things they never thought possible and change their owner’s lives in dramatic ways like a change in career, writing a book or becoming an animal activist. My first pit bull, Lexi, changed my life completely! It is because of her that I became an advocate for pit bulls and created The Pit Bull Princess website.

Whether it is in a small, every day ways or in big life changing ways, pets without a doubt make our lives better. I can’t image my life without them. Every mother’s day I feel blessed that I have such wonderful “furchildren.”

Happy Mother’s Day to all the Dog Moms and Cat Moms (and everything else) out there!