Lavender Harvest and Purple Pit Bull Sachets

My Pit Bulls and I (and our cat) live on a beautiful 75 acre farm in upstate New York.  Living on a farm has many perks, like having great hiking trails to walk the dogs where they can run and play and get out their zoomies. We grow many things, such as mushrooms, grapes, garlic, strawberries and peaches – but my #1 favorite thing is the lavender that we grow! It is so beautiful and fragrant. The dogs and I spend many afternoons in the lavender fields picking, pruning and weeding the plants.  Our harvest for this year is now dry and we have been making lots of “purple pit bull lavender sachets!” They are great for putting in your car or in your drawers or really any place you want to smell the calming scent of lavender. I hope you will try one! They also make great gifts.